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Can you upload folders
DarkTheif (5)

I am trying to upload folders for a bot but when I do it uploads everything in the folder and I do not want that as its folders with a ton of stuff in folders etc. So if you can help me, that would be nice!!

Coder100 (17011)

so you only want to upload the folder but don't want to also add the folder contents?

Just make the folder yourself

DarkTheif (5)

@Coder100 No I mean like I have a folder with a ton of stuff in it like other folders and I want to upload it without needing to slowly fix all the folders/files

DarkTheif (5)

Like when I try uploading the folder instead of the folder being there is just throws everything that was in the folders out like if I make a folder called Test then put like a .js in it then try uploading it only the .js file is there a not the folder @Coder100


The only way to upload folders in is the three dots. There isn't any other way.