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Can you turn a free account into a hacker account?
coderash (286)

I have a free account and I am considering getting a hacker account, Can I turn it into a hacker account and keep my stuff?Please Reply!

TheDrone7 (1780)

Yes you can. Getting the havker plan only allows you access to more features but doesn't affect what's already there at all.


The havker plan???? XD @TheDrone7

coderash (286)

sorry this was 2 years ago

Vilagamer999 (7)

you can get a pro gthub account for free by logging in with a school email, then just go here:
and if your github has a pro plan you will get a hacker plan for free...

Steven_The_GuyT (307)

Of course! You are upgrading your account, and will save your stuff, while offering you better service.

coderash (286)

What better stuff do you [email protected]_The_GuyT