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Can you send emails in repl?
TheH4ck3r (11)

I'm trying to send an email programmatically trough a repl in Node.js or Python. I have tried Nodemailer so far, but it won't work. Any tips?

Coder100 (18917)

It won't work because of security.
Search up turn on less secure apps for <application>
for <application> it can either be gmail or hotmail depending on your emial.

codingjlu (482)

Yes you can (in Node.js at least); PHP doesn't work.

Dart (1201)

yes, if you use an email server, just look up "how to send email using <insert lang here>"

ruiwenge2 (1158)

yes, you can!
do the following code in node.js:

const gmail = require("gmail-send");

function sendEmail(){
  const send = gmail({
    user: "YOUR USERNAME",
    pass: "YOUR PASSWORD",
    subject: "SUBJECT"
  send({html: "TEXT"}, (error, result, fullResult) => {
    if (error) console.error(error);
ruiwenge2 (1158)

one important thing is that in your google account settings, you have to turn on less secure app access

Yimmee (10)

So it didn’t work out....
You do need that on.

Yimmee (10)

Also, html is used for html. It can be plain, but it can also be html.
There’s no difference, but I think you can use text for plain text.

ch1ck3n (2373)

i dont think replit allows email sending :(