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Can you put a python file in a website you created using HTML?

For example:
I made a game using python, and I want to put it into a website that I made
using HTML, so is it possible to put the python game into the HTML website?

Answered by ch1ck3n (1629) [earned 5 cycles]
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ch1ck3n (1629)

you can just point an iframe to a repl:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

the ?embed=1 will make it fullscreen.


@ch1ck3n Thank you!


@ch1ck3n what if i don't want the repl to be full screen, would i just get rid of the ?embed=1?

ch1ck3n (1629)

@LeShuriken it would display a spotlight page (

i mean, the frame itself won't be fullscreen on your website, it's only just the output


@ch1ck3n Can't I use CSS to make the repl bigger on the HTML website


Ok, thanks!

robowolf (435)

You could try a Brython(Python) IFrame Go to to learn more.