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Can you open a node.js in a new window?
jsulli28 (0)

When using the HTML,css version environment, you can simply press a button to open the browser in a new tab. Are you unable to do this in the Node.js?

codingjlu (484)

It will allow you to do so if you create a web server in Node.js, as well as in any other language that can make a web server (Go, Python, PHP, etc)

MrVoo (102)

You actually can, add ?lite=1&outputonly=1 to the end of the repl's url. This is an example for one of your repls: Make sure to open in in a new tab, not an iframe.

adityavengata (18)

If you are going to be hosting a web application on replit, a browser will open up. But if you just want the CLI app you built in full screen, you cant since has been deprecated