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Can you make the shell tab the default in embedded repl?

It would be easier for a user of an embedded repl if the shell tab was the default, so they could just run directly from the command line and not have to use the green arrow button and fork.

Is it possible to make the shell tab the default instead of the console tab in an embedded repl?


nope! The shell tab is not a tab you should be using for the output. It's more for debugging things.

You can use the .replit file to configure what happens when a repl gets run:


@Coder100 Is this official? A shell is a place where you can export env variables and execute scripts. For example, I can embed a Node.js repl and then the user viewing the page with the embed can export their env variables and run node index.js from the shell. The console is really system output - which seems more for debugging to me, whereas the shell is interactive.


@rpeltz see
the shell is interactive, not something you would see when you run a repl because there is no code to be run