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Can you make a code bookmark?

I am making a game so I want a save feature that if the user leave the game in between and comes back again he can start from that particular place it the a way to do this in python??
Like a module or something?
so that it starts for a particular line of code where the user left?

Answered by crunchyfrog32 (6) [earned 5 cycles]
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crunchyfrog32 (6)

I don't know about saving user data to their account/local storage in CLI programs (neither can you access the client IP address with, but what you can do is making save codes that users can copy to get into a certain game state.


you mean like like in json format? @crunchyfrog32

crunchyfrog32 (6)

@ROCKINGRAYQUAZA I guess that works too, but it will make it much easier to hack, maybe you can use an encrypted json format, or just make a completely other format, like a combination of numbers (e.g. 419518859745823).