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Can you make a Teams Project from a repl?
mrshaw (9)

I have started to make a number of self-marking projects. Not sure if I am going crazy and can't spot it, but how do you create a project from a repl?

Frustrating, I have the work I just need to be able to import it in. Am I missing something?

MaryAnneEgan (0)

doesn't seem this ever got answered. I transferred a repl to my team and it came in as a repl, not a project. how do i get it to come in as a project?



When you create a new repl, you have the option of either making it for your self or your team.

You can just click it, and it will work

mrshaw (9)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Thank for your response. I was more thinking from a teachers point of view. I have a bank of resources in my own area, which I want to keep as Master copies. I then copy them to the Team and then publish them.

However, good to know that it is easy to share with a whole Team this way.

Coder100 (18071)

wdym? Do you mean transferring a repl to a team?

mrshaw (9)

@Coder100 Hiya, I thought that too, but it will only transfer it over as a multiplayer repl, but will not make it a project.

Dominicl645 (429)

you should see the share button next to the plus and upgrade button, then if you click that share button and add the username of the person or people you want to add, it should work.

mrshaw (9)

@dominicl645 This will only share it with an individual. I want to assign it as a project to a Team. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Dominicl645 (429)

i just invited you to a team. @mrshaw