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Can you learn Lua in general to create games on Roblox studios?

I would love to learn Lua to create games on Roblox. can you learn Lua in general to code on Roblox, or is it a type of Lua?

Kai_Justice (260)

The short answer to your question is yes, though i'm not too knowledgeable. I've looked into it and knowing the basics would help you get into scripting for roblox, garry's mod, etc.

SixBeeps (5231)

Roblox Lua is the same syntactically and structurally as "general" Lua. The only difference is Roblox is Object Oriented, and Lua was not built for objects, so the way things are handled is a bit strange.
I learned a bit from the Roblox Documentation (a.k.a the Roblox API Reference) so I'd definitely look there when you're done learning "general" Lua.

JackNorwood (6)

Yes and no. Roblox uses some general Lua features for things like the output bar, though there is still a lot to learn. You have to know all of the tweaks and features of Roblox. Roblox also uses a certain version of Lua called Luau which is based on Lua 5.1. The difference between Luau and Lua 5.1 is that Luau does not include features that may be irrelevant to Roblox Studio.

zhaq6129 (50)

roblox lua is pretty easy to learn if you use free models and look at the scripts in there then you can kinda use logic and find out what each thing does. That's what I did. I'm still not a master scripter or anything but ya

AtriDey (189)

I don't know Lua, but I play enough Roblox to know Roblox Studio uses a specific dialect called Lua.rbx, and my developer friends say it's tough to go to it from standard Lua.