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Can we still get urls that run python programs?
CliffordMarr1 (2)

I'm a teacher and I used to share the url to run a python program, and not the url to the whole program, so that students could interact and see outputs, without seeing the whole code. There are tons of applications where this is useful.

Does anyone know if I can still do that? Seems like that functionality is gone as of a week or two ago.

Answered by RayhanADev (1962) [earned 5 cycles]
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RayhanADev (1962)

Heya @CliffordMarr1

That functionality is currently down due to some lag. The Repl team is working to get it up and it will be back soon! For the moment, I suppose you can show the Repl editor and use the console there? Hope this helps. Cheers,
~ Ray <3

CliffordMarr1 (2)

Thanks! I plan on just showing the console-only on the projector in the meantime then. @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (1962)

@CliffordMarr1 sweet! Good luck with it. Could you possibly mark this question as answered?


Yes, that functionality is now gone.

but i think the team is trying to get it up. So i guess it's bee back

CliffordMarr1 (2)

Also, I've noticed that old links now redirect to the whole program file. The URLs that I'm talking about ended in FYI.

RayhanADev (1962)

@CliffordMarr1 yes sir! As I mentioned, the Repl team is working to get them back up and running!