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Can we make the web interface go away?

I'm trying to setup an in-browser experience as a tutorial on how to use Pact ( Pact sets up an HTTP server in the background as part of its testing, and as far as I can tell, detects this and creates a web view.

The web view is not required at all for this package, and instead we want to direct people to the terminal output. It also seems that now detects that the port is open and sends a GET / to it - which is also undesired behaviour.

Because the server doesn't start up immediately, when people see the embedded tutorial they get "Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl" issue - how can I resolve this?

Is it possible to make the web view go away?


Does anybody know how to re-open web view?


@WhoulFoul Refreshing the page should do it.


@amasad come on... you can do it


I don't think theres a workaround without changing the code and I'm not familiar with maybe only show the console and hide the web view or try a different non web based IDE, if you're making a tutorial then its a good idea to use your local machine to run it. Not only is it faster in most cases but it sets a similar development environment as most of your viewers.


Thanks @tharlynnhtetong. Perhaps I'm missing something, but isn't the whole point of to do things in the browser? Of course I could provide material for people to download and do locally (we do) but being able to quickly demonstrate an idea in documentation is one of the great benefits of this tool.

maybe only show the console and hide the web view

That's what I want, how can I hide the web view? I don't need it for this example, but it opens anyway. I can't find any documentation that suggests it's possible.



You can close the webview here.


@tharlynnhtetong thanks, yes I know you can manually close the web view, but that is not very helpful in this situation because it is open by default. It looks I can't do what I'm after, thanks for your help!


@lynnlo How do I undo this web view? I just accidentally close it, but I need it for my flask web app preview. And later on how to change terminal like bash, python etc?


@MrTesla Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + S should open up the terminal. As for the webview it'll automatically open once you run the flask server.