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Can someone teach me html?
Korbindev (133)

Im not good at anything so I want to learn html/css/js


try this link. It teaches all languages. Mostly.

OldWizard209 (1600)
  • Here is one I really like
  • Here is the one I started from.

But HTML alone is not enough for wed dev so use this tutorial right here

You can find these yourself so honestly there is no need to ask.

Also, these YT tutorials aren't enough, so I would recommend you to buy a course(if u are not broke) on Udemy/Coursera

Honestly, Udemy is the best for programming because they always have courses that provide extremely comprehensive courses.

RohilPatel (1594)

Hey! I'm sure you love videos over lemme give you what I started with

I used Khan Academy to help me! Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any help

IOP3 (850)

@KorbinVanette what do you mean doesn't help. I gave you a tutorial

tazer900 (0)

@IcingHackz I personally think w3schools as a reference guide more than a tutorial site

IOP3 (850)

@tazer900 well, does a reference guide help?

tazer900 (0)

@IcingHackz Yes, but a reference guide is used when you need to know something quickly. A tutorial, on the other hand, helps you slowly and thoroughly so that way you can understand.

IOP3 (850)

@tanzer900 then @KorbinVanette you should just search Python Tutorials on youtube