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Can someone make me a nitrotype bot that would work on chromebook.
purple321 (1)

I play a typing game called NitroType. I am writing this to ask if someone could possibly make me a bot that essentially types for me, and then refreshes after the race and races over and over. The peramiters include needing to be able to open other tabs at the same time of the bot running. Also, I need to be able to choose the amount of races it does, and the speed, and accuracy. Thanks Everyone, this is alot to ask i know but i would really appreciate it!

Axrevyn (291)

So, you mean "can you write a cheat for an easy typing game for me because I suck that much at typing"?

Edit: It isn't possible on, because the code isn't run on your computer but rather on Repl's servers. As such it can't control your keyboard to type for you. Not that you should want it to.

sn236 (176)

@Axrevyn I believe there's a politer way to say that

Axrevyn (291)

@sn236 I suppose that's fair, but cheating is an issue I'm more passionate than most about.

purple321 (1)

i actually type extremely well. Over 100 wpm. I just want a
bot to do lots of races when im asleep. Thanks for being so [email protected]

purple321 (1)

it is actually possible i had it done before, but then it got [email protected]