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Can someone explain why it says I did something wrong when I didn't?
Yeetboi275 (0)

A screenshot on what happened is below:

InvisibleOne (2954)

It looks like you got a bit mixed up with tabs and spaces for indentation, make sure you either just use tabs, or just spaces for your indents because you can't mix them.

malvoliothegood (871)

On line 5 you need a closing bracket. Python errors can often be traced to the preceding line of code.

Yeetboi275 (0)

@malvoliothegood Thanks! Didn't notice that

Yeetboi275 (0)

@malvoliothegood Hold on. Now it says something else is wrong.

LukeWright (285)

you just need to unindent lines 12 and 13 by one @Yeetboi275