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Can be a hosting for a website ? If yes how ?

I would like to post my website without spending any money. So can I do that on ? I yes can my website be referencing on google ?


You can use replit for hosting websites on google without spending money. First you can create a "HTML/CSS/JS" repl. After, just add some HTML/CSS/JS code to it and voila! You have created your free website!

Evan Li


You can host a website by simply creating an HTML/CSS/JS repl. You can also create webservers in replit and host those, but you will have to keep traffic there or it will shut down and will have to restart the next time you visit it. But if you are hosting a website that you expect to have lots of traffic, dont use replit for that.


Yes, you can for free! Replit gives you a free "domain" for every HTML project you make.


You can host your website on even if you have a free plan. You can even use a custom url for it. However, the webserver associated with your site is not always spun up or active. This means that when someone visits your site it may take a while for a page to initially load. If you have a hacker plan then the webserver is generally up all the time. That is what I have found anyway.

You could consider using Netlify to host your site. Sign up for a free account then it is a matter of putting your website files (images, html pages, css, js scripts etc) into a folder and dragging and dropping the folder into an upload box on Netlify. It is really easy and you can edit the default site name that Netlify provided to something more suitable. One proviso is that your site folder must have an index.html file in it. Here is a web app that I made that is hosted on Netlify: and here is a fun little program:


@malvoliothegood I'm definitely interested... How would I go about hosting a website on


@LimanData Run the following repl. You will note the web address at the top of the small web view window. This is the website address that allows you to access the site outside of the IDE.

Try this: copy and paste the web address into a new tab and press Enter. You will see the web page (it's an animation) in all its glory. It is as simple as that. Note the files that are part of the website in the file column at left. The site always must have a index.html page. This is your home page.

Let me know if you want anymore help.


@malvoliothegood Thanks! I've now got it up and running.