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Can files be independent from each other?
michaeldelanuez (0)

I am learning Python via the book Python Crash Course 2nd Edition.

I am trying to organize the files on the left side as I go through the exercises per each chapter.

For example on the left side I created a folder "Chapter4". Then under that folder I created a file ""

After trying to run the code nothing happens. It seems as if these folders and files I'm creating is somehow dependent on

Is there a way I can make all files and folders independent from one another? That way for example if I delete, it wont give me a " error" when I try to run some code exercises.

InvisibleOne (3214)

You can either make a .replit file, or just in your main import the file and run it. The current bug I see in your file is that you are trying to import folders as classes, that only works if you have an empty file called
Then you should be able to do: from Chapter4 import counting_to_twenty

Kai_Justice (271)

Change line 1 of to from Chapter4 import counting_to_twenty
When a file is imported it'll run everything inside it. I also suggest just making a new repl for every chapter, but that's just my personal preference.

For independant files create a .replit file and paste this in it run = "python3 (name of file you want to run)", it's a bash command that'll run everytime you click the run button.

VulcanWM (2898)

If not then do something that I normally do which is import the file in, so ‘from import function’
And then run whatever function you imported from the counting to twenty file in

michaeldelanuez (0)

@VulcanWM looks like the ‘from import function’ method worked but then there was a traceback

Coder100 (18903)

replit is different from your book.
It only runs, and that clearly is not good.

So, what you would want to do is make a .replit file (or hack the file).

1. changing

To change, all you have to do is import the file and python will run it!

import Chapter4.counting_to_twenty

Notice how the folder and file are separated by the . and there is no extension needed.

2. .replit files

This is the most reliable and sane way imo.
Create a .replit file (exactly that), and add this:

run = "python Chapter4/"

now to change the file being run, just change the python file!

VulcanWM (2898)

You can try making a bash repl, adding whatever Python file you want, and then in the .replit try doing run “filename”

FishballNooodle (211)

Yes this will work @michaeldelanuez
Create a file name .replit to your existing Python Real
And add this to the file

language = "python3"
run = "python3"
LukeWright (288)

you don't need the language = python3 line because in the run command you are specifying the language by saying python3 @FishballNooodle