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Can anyone teach me how to make a website
TanushJha (3)

Guys I am new to python it would be good if you can teach me how to make a website and where can you see your past posts from the past

Answered by SUHASTADIPARTH1 (190) [earned 5 cycles]
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If you are a beginner, I recommend go with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
If you are intermediate, you can go with flask.
If you are advanced, I recommend using Django.
It's really powerful and easy to use.

Please mark my answer if this helps. Thank you.

TanushJha (3)

@Coder100 and @EpicGamer007 and @SUHASTADIPARTH1 Thanks for your help soo since when have you been coding and do you have discord


If you want to learn django.

CodingForEntrepreneur is a good channel to get started with.
Some other are Net ninja, Tech with Tim, ProgrammingKnowledge, Corey Schafer.


Actually, python is easy to make websites in. Learn Django, the web framework in python. It makes it really easy to make excellent websites. But if you're a serious beginner, then go with something like HTML, or other easy languages. Please mark my answer if this helps. Thanks!!

Kookiez (417)

I don't recommend using python to make a website, especially if you're a total beginner. But if you want to make a website, I'd recommend learning HTML first, then move on with CSS, (To style your website and make it look really good) and then lastly, do JS, which is good for animations and more complicated things. Anyways, some helpful resources are:

Oh, and to see your past posts, just go to your profile and go to the tab called posts. Here is a link to you "Posts" tab:

Coder100 (19277)

To make a website with python would be very hard for a beginner, and you probably won't use many of the features.

You should try making an HTML project, and following these tutorials:

And for the posts of the past, navigate to the user's profile:

So your posts would be here

Whacko (325)

I don't recommend flask, I think HTML is the best for making websites.

EpicGamer007 (1794)

The easiest way is flask. Here are a few webpages to get you started:

In terms of examples, I am sure you can just search up flask in the repl talk search bar and get a bunch of results.