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Can anyone make a .js Discord self-bot
yvngpedo (2)

I moved from Glitch to since Glitch banned all pinging services. I imported my project from Glitch and it used to work perfectly but now it just says a bunch of errors.

Can someone help me out? If something is different with than Glitch let me know.

I'm not using it to do something shady like mass DMing and spam. I just like having a custom status all the time event though its against the Discords ToS

Coder100 (18930)

Hello! Instead of import client, do const client = require("client")

Changed code:

const client = require("client")
yvngpedo (2)

@Coder100 that didn't do anything can I show you the code and everything?

yvngpedo (2)

@Coder100 Check my profile. My repl name is Discord-Status-Online-3

Kognise (459)

Hey! Syntax like import is a new feature of JS that hasn't been brought to Node.js yet. You should look into setting up a transpiler like Babel - iirc it's pretty easy to run a project.

Side note, there are less shady ways of having custom statuses. Discord has a custom status feature in the name menu, and you can use PreMiD with the custom status presence.

yvngpedo (2)

@Kognise the PreMiD app doesn't stay on 24/7 tho.