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Can You Delete A Free Team?
Wilke000 (636)

I created another team after my brother, @WilkeWyoming wanted another one, then he said he wanted it on his account after I created it, he is still mad at me.
If there is some way I can delete it, please comment before its too late (my brother will start crying)

PattanAhmed (1411)

@Wilke000 Hi,
Since the Teams feature is in the Beta version, they did not provide this feature till now.
But you can suggest them to keep this amazing feature of deleting a team in
Click here to go to feedback Section

In your case, give him something to stop him crying like sweets or etc. :)

Hope this helps
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k9chelsea2 (770)

wait why would he cry lol, he can still create one on his acc right?

k9chelsea2 (770)

I'm not a big fan of the some of the teams feature I can be added to any team without even wanting to be a part of it or giving my consent

VulcanWM (2874)

Sorry. It is not a feature right now.
Maybe it you submit the idea, in feedback, it might be added as a feature in the future.

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Wilke000 (636)

Ohh, @VulcanWM good thinking, i will

Coder100 (18820)

Sorry, I don't think it is possible.