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Can I participate in the programming languages jam alone?

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited about the programming language jam ( But there's a problem. My team is just me. On the jam page, there's a link to this post:

This post says:

The hackathon starts on August 10th and runs until August 31st. To enter, you have to create a Team when registration opens with a minimum of two team members. Registration will open on August 1st. To be notified when registration opens, leave your email here.

Note that the post is from 2020, but it seams to be reused for this year jam.

So, the problem is that it says that the team must have at least of two members. But is it really mandatory? I think I could bypass this requirement just creating another account and using both accounts. But it doesn't seam a good thing to do.

So, I imagine there are some requirements for the team members. For example, how active the second team member must be during the jam? Can I join the jam alone and add my partner later, during the jam? And what about more participants, can they join after the jam registration? Is there a deadline for the jam registration?

Finally, if my team wins (which would be just awesome), can I add more members to the team?

Sorry for so many questions :)


This jam is an year old . Its outdated. The last jam took place a month ago. You could've participated in that.


@OldWizard209 Well, that's a bit frustrating. They should update that page showing that it's over. I couldn't find this last jam from month ago. Could you post a link to it?


@OldWizard209 I mean, if it was a big jam like this from last year, with a big prize and runned officially by replit, not open by some user.


@compiler2048 I'm honestly surprised they haven't removed that from the landing site. The last jam that happened last month a few months ago was the Relay Jam (which my team actually won ^^) and the results were posted here.


That was over a year ago, the jam is no longer active


Which jam are you referring to?


@SixBeeps I'm referring the jam for creating a programming language that starts August 10. I edited my question.


@compiler2048 Check the year that the article was written. That jam ended a year ago.


@SixBeeps Yes, you are right, but there's a programming language jam this year too. For some reason, is linking to the 2020 post, probably because the instructions are the same.


@SixBeeps I edited my question with more details.


@compiler2048 Where are you getting that link from? I haven't heard them say they're doing another language jam.


@SixBeeps The link is on the navigation bar on the home page. I think you need to logout to see it.