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Can I host a discord bot on
RubyPiec (2)

And how can I make it not show the discord ID of the bot on the replit itself?

Answered by ryanbrwr (33) [earned 5 cycles]
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ryanbrwr (33)

Yes you can host a discord bot on replit! I suggest that you follow the tutorial that freecodecamp did on this subject

CoderBean (11)

You can host by purchasing the hacker plan but here is how you can do it for free (yes i know it was answered already) host on replit

Coder100 (17122)

Use .env files.

Do you mean TOKEN and not ID? All users have an ID, you can't hide that.

RubyPiec (2)

@Coder100 ik ik, someone already answered my question, i just forgot what it's called. havent made a bot in a long while