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Can I have Vim
xavierartot (11)

I would like to use Vim with
Which solution can I use in an IPad.
Thank you

Answered by theangryepicbanana (1697) [earned 5 cycles]
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theangryepicbanana (1697)

There is a Vim mode for the editor in settings

xavierartot (11)

Yes, but is buggy, the escape and mode command didn’t work



Hey! so now has an option to change ur keybinding to Vim or Emacs from the editor setting :)

I hope this will help someone in the future 🙌🏾

HarshitJoshi91 (0)

i am pretty late but hopefully it will be useful for someone
You can use vim by typing vim in the output console, you can use pretty much every command

TheDrone7 (1900)

What do you mean by "using" vim "with"