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Can I get user IPs?
squeegily (0)

I'm trying to build an app on Replit to crowd-source some data, but the particular crowd I'm sourcing from has a high vandal-ratio. So I was going to shard them somehow (probably by giving each ASN or /32 block the same weight, and having the members of it compete to choose that block's output), but I noticed my Flask app was displaying private IPs in the logs. Is there any way to get at least basic information about user IPs for this purpose?

Coder100 (18240)

No, those are not ips, they are proxied.

Zavexeon (1164)

Through replit you cannot get IPs because of it's proxies, however an external service that you include into your site can.

squeegily (0)

The data I'm trying to gather happens to have an objective ground truth that is only likely to change about once a day at most, so I assume my app can lean into "wisdom of crowds"-type effects to good results; I expect that whatever the median shard says will be true enough