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Can I get a link to the Repl console?
chadbot (1)

When any Repl has no index.html, the page for that repl shows its console and "Repl Waking up..." with the cute robot. Is there a way to display that as a part of an existing repl website? For example make a custom index.html and in the middle have the console "embedded", or make it as a separate page ( ?

Answered by SixBeeps (5037) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5037)

Add this to your HTML page:

<iframe src="/__logs"></iframe>
GatewayDuckYT (47)

try this

<iframe src="https://pageurl/__logs"></iframe>
GatewayDuckYT (47)

@GatewayDuckYT check the uparrow if this helped


it should have it above.

UnluckyFroggy (864)

so instead of showing the robot with the console, you want it to show a webpage while it's loading instead?

chadbot (1)

I want to show my custom website + the console on it, because I think the console looks really cool and everyone visiting the website will like to see what is the program currently doing :) @UnluckyFroggy

UnluckyFroggy (864)

@chadbot its not possible, u cant edit replit's loading page to your website.