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Can I enable dark mode on
KhanHuzaibiHuza (3)

Can I enable dark mode on

Wumi4 (486)


First, on your repl, choose Settings at the end of the vertical bar.

At Settings, you should see Theme. Change it to black and that's all! :)

FlaminHotValdez (433)

In the IDE there click the setting sidebar at the left and change theme to dark. Sadly, there is no dark mode for main unless you wish to download an extension.

PattanAhmed (1397)

@KhanHuzaibiHuza Hi,
Yeah, there are two things if you mean Dark mode on
1. Dark mode on Repl
2. Dark mode on the interface of

If you mean the first case, then you can enable dark mode easily
Just follow these steps:-
1. Go to Setting on your Repl:-

  1. You can see the Theme section
    In there click that small arrow:-

  2. Click Dark from there

You will notice that your Repl will turn into Dark mode.
But the outer interface will not.

If you want the outer interface too, which is the second choice.
Then you need to get a new extension that is not related to at all.
If you want to take that risk, Follow this tutorial:-

Hopefully, Dark theme for the outer interface will be available soon from officially.

That's it with me

Hope this helps

Coder100 (16874)

Globally? You can't. You will have to use an extension.

Don't worry, is going to have global dark theme soon!

retronbv (128)

do you mean for the site or the editor?


Yes, you can enable dark mode on First go to the wheel on the bottom, then scroll down until you see theme, then click the options and you can see the dark mode option. then click on that, and you will get your wish.


Sure, go to settings in your repl, then click dark mode.