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Can I download this?
allyquigley (0)

Can I download my code as a .py file to be able to upload it to another website?

ChezCoder (1607)

The answer is yes! Just click on the three dots next to the add folder icon and click download as zip. then, click on the zip file and voila!

click on gif to view in bigger size

AdCharity (1326)

Go onto the repl and click the three dots slightly above where it says your files are. Click it and press download as zip. Then you can download it and decompress it on your computer to extract the py file inside

JamesGordon1 (151)

Click the three dots by the new file and folder buttons

AdCharity (1326)

@JamesGordon1 realizing that there are three dots everywhere

JamesGordon1 (151)

@AdCharity there does that do it for you

AdCharity (1326)


is the button he needs to click

I'm just kidding lmao. Happy programming.