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Brute force password cracker

I made a brute force password cracker, and one I need it to be able to find the length without .length, so it guesses the length and stuff, I also need it to be able to used on stuff to see if I can do it in java, how can I add both those features? @SixBeeps do you think you can help?


Well here is a good idea:

You start with 1 character long passwords. Then you move on to two character passwords. You can define these loops manually because there will only be so many. If not, you can make an if function and an index to clarify how many characters are in the password. Then, here is a rough explanation of how it would work:

You set the first character to the first letter in a list. Then you iterate through the character list with another character. You could iterate by accessing the second character with indexes and changing the value. Once you have run through all of the second character values', you move the first character to the next character in the list.

Now you will just how to figure out how to iterate through the following values. I would look up a python brute force password cracker and look at how they do it, and attempt to replicate it into Java. A sample one could be: - this shows (in a way) how to interate through passwords using python, which can be easily translated into Java.

Good luck!

To me, one thing that would make your script extraordinary is if you are able to make multiple different index loops, and have them all operate at once using a bash threading feature.


@btfuss thank you


I tried something else, but it didn't work @btfuss


@Bunnytoes Did you see the link I posted in the copy of your repl? It may be able to guide you.


@btfuss yes, it wasn't helpful :(