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Boosted repo limits, time, moving boosts?
shacklefree (0)

How long does a boost last on a repl? An hour? A day? Until it turns off? Until I delete the repl?

I they last indefinitely, can I move them from one repo to another?

Coder100 (18187)

a boost means the repl that you boosted is moved to a better server. So it is until the repl is deleted.

No they can't be moved from one repo to another, you literally just turn the boost on one repl off and the boost on another on.

OldWizard209 (1537)

You get 5 boosted repls with hacker, and they are unlimited. Boost just increases the speed and storage of a particular repl. There is no time limit. If you delete a repl with boost, the boost will be gone. If you want boost in another repl, you can close boost in one and open in another.