Default name challenge
mkhoi (318)

Create a default-named repl and do whatever the name says

Submit your repls here

@neodymium TinySpicySeptagon is the winner of this challenge! And the reward is 5 cycles

@Kognise BeigeDullMotion and ExtralargeWateryFonts, the repls are very accurate of the title!
@a5rocks BitesizedMindlessComputationalscience for the code!
@Steven_The_GuyT FinancialRottenFile for it's humor!
@Vandesm14 LovingJovialOmnipage for it's awesomeness!

Special thanks to all of the upvoters and contestants in this challenge!

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Answered by neodymium (32) [earned 5 cycles]
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a5rocks (821)

BitesizedMindlessComputationalscience ohhhhhhhhh boy here we go again

You know? I'm happy python has a NotImplementedError! lol

mkhoi (318)

@a5rocks Have you done anything to it?

a5rocks (821)

@mkhoi Nope, still too scared.

the bitesized part is going to be the real challenge

ebest (664)


# I have no idea what to put in here


a5rocks (821)

@ebest sorry, yes. i wassss going to do a oneline pi generating algorithm... But that's really annoying.

a5rocks (821)

@ebest nope! like I said, the bitesized part is going to be scary xd

ebest (664)

@a5rocks 1 bite later...

ebest (664)

@ebest well maybe I was a little

ebest (664)

@a5rocks computational science? boring stuff. You don't need to learn about it.

Error! that was on purpose wasn't it

Vandesm14 (2643)


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 22, in <module>
    print(normal_cookie == 0) # let's find out
  File "", line 11, in new_eq
    raise NotImplementedError