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Best resources for learning how to code?
amasad (3446)

It's no secret that is a destination for a lot of new programmers or learners.

Many of them ask us for recommendations for the best resources to learn how to code. Be it tutorials, videos, courses, etc.

We're trying to build the Learn board to become a destination for people to find coding content.

In the meantime I'm putting the question to the community: what's the best resources that helped you learn?

Answered by Mosrod (548) [earned 5 cycles]
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Mosrod (548)

Corey Scafer's YouTube videos are a great resource for leaning Python. He makes new tutorials every day, and every single tutorial of his has awesome quality. Playlist of all of his Python tutorials:

PYer (4013)

BOOKS! Check them out at your local library. The adults are also surprised when a kid goes down into that area, so try it out.

catejenn (15)

Hi everyone, thanks for the great answers on here. They are super helpful to me, as I am just getting into coding. I've been teaching myself with help from YouTube vids and other online resources.
I discovered a free trial of Pluralsight, which has so many tutorials from the basics all the way up to dev of AI and machine learning. Pretty cool so far.


msaunby (2)

I teach coding in Python and Java to undergraduates. Something I always tell my students is that no amount of youtube videos or book will teach coding, they must practice. is a great resource for this once the basics have been covered.

Richard1975 (0)

How do I turn debugger in


I probably shouldn’t be answering as I’m only 11 but I think I can help I used to use code academy but now must courses require a subscription but theirs an author that makes very good books to learn the basics (I bought it in my visit to the Stanford campus in the souvenir shop so you know it’s good) when I was only 10 or 9 I could easily follow along and understand right know I’m in thanksgiving without my book but soon I’ll edit this post with the authors name.

minermaniac447 (283)

I know this one really good resource for going through and learning python - it's an online interactive textbook, but it works well. You can find it here.

Also, I made a tutorial on LOLCODE which you can find here - it's pretty comprehensive and has a few docs listed at the end of it.

XavierDD (95)

I used Rogers Cadenhead's - Java in 24 hours.
Python I used codecademy's python course.
C++ I used .

BillyDrummond (3)

I personally love Codecademy, its got a live interface, and I learned C, C++, Python, and JS on it.

SteveRich (0)
Easy to hard coding challenges in Python and Java