The code compiles but then nothing runs it just sits on the spinning disc
SHSTechnician (0)

The head of computing has tried to run the code from an example game and nothing is happening. All he gets is the spinning circle. Just wondered if anyone else uses in a school with web filtering, and knows if there are any URL's that need to be whitelisted please?

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CodeMaster007 (109)

Because repl runs off servers, it means that even if you block every single thing except the website repl itself, students will still be able to run there program and run repl normally. If you would like to block the "bypass", then you would have to block the server, which in this case you cannot. I created a website once where you can browser the internet, all off a few commands on bash. I also made one off firefox and did a quick test. Basically, I wanted to see if I blocked every single thing except repl and a few other stuff, will the program work. I specifically set it up to block games, proxys, and everything else. My final result was that it still worked. I never used the program for anything really, but I learned that adding, removing, and editing the settings so repl would be blocked is useless. The only thing that could effect the website is to block it directly. If the program you are trying to run is off HTML, Javascript, or any other web software, then thats another story. I hope this helps!

CodeMaster007 :)