Pytesseract Auto Shell Install Package Issue
Intenzi (1)

I am using pytesseract on replit.
One of the steps to make pytesseract work is going to shell and doing this install-pkg tesseract-ocr

The issue is, if I reconnect to the repl then I have to reinstall the tesseract-ocr pkg through the shell for pytesseract to function.

Is there any way to automate this process of installing the tesseract-ocr package through shell everytime replit reconnects to my repl?

I have already tried directly installing the tesseract-ocr package through the packages list but that gives an error.

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Answered by BearCoder01 (13) [earned 5 cycles]
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Intenzi (1)

@BearCoder01 is there any possible method where I can simply not make it a manual installation through the shell.

Like an if-else where it checks if the command is giving an error then reinstall the package.
However is it even possible to change the manual installation through shell into a code that can be run.