How Did YOU Find
PYer (4017) is one of many online coding platforms. How did you find this one? Did you do a google search? A friend? Why did you choose over the many others that exist out there. Currently is one of the most popular. I will say that if i google's filtering and searching system were different, i wouldn't have found it. I found with online python3. Comment below your own story!

Reasons so far:

  • Coding on multiple computers
  • Learning at school
  • Looking for better online compilers/interpreters
  • Searching on google for online <coding language>
  • Friends
  • Coding in school without downloading interpreters/compilers
  • Making games that wouldn't work on normal compilers/interpreters
  • Entering competitions that require
  • Storing code online. To show other people, or other uses

It's really cool to see how other people found If I had been told to list as many reasons as I could, I would have gone with Bullet 1, Bullet 2, Bullet 3, and maybe Bullet 5.

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amasad (3541)

Back in school I was getting interested in learning more programming languages. But I was discouraged because I didn't have a laptop and was always on the move (between home, school, and job) and every time I had an hour to code a little I have to spend most of it installing or troubleshooting compilers, IDEs, libraries, etc.

So I discovered the idea behind -- an instant & portable programming environment for any language I want to learn. I ended up being the one to code it into existence but I might as well have found it if it existed before that.

PYer (4017)

@amasad Cool! is amazing!

themaka (190)

@amasad One of my college classes used an IDE that wasn't on the lab's computer images, so we spent almost 15% of each class installing it ... would have been an amazing solution

I'm amazed more colleges aren't using it.

PYer (4017)

@themaka It is really cool. is fairly new though, and maybe other colleges are using it. You wouldn't really know unless you are in college? Are you?

amasad (3541)

@PYer There are sooo many colleges using it. But yes, I agree, all of them should haha

B0T (16)

@amasad Thanks to that great idea. Now is really useful for instant, portable programming and for better learning experience. I don't have to hide my teacher that im installing a programming language again, she doesnt allowed students for installing anything. yea quite annoyed

Highwayman (1503)


*innocent repler* *asks how ppl found


*all knowing god*

in a time before replit...