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Avoiding mistaken API throttling
MoonW (0)

Hello, I'm using replit to host a discord bot, and its generally working incredibly, but the one issue that's seriously hindering my bot is that a few times the discord API has believed I'm spamming it (I'm definitely not, there's no way it's exceeding like, 2-5 requests/second), I believe this has something to do with replit and IP addresses? I don't fully understand but I would love if someone could explain it to me and possibly help me avoid this going forward

Answered by Coder100 (18207) [earned 5 cycles]
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MoonW (0)
Coder100 (18207)

try adding boost, because a theory is that discord bots share the same IP so it might be affected by bots from other repls.

MoonW (0)

@Coder100 Oh boost fixes that? That's the theory I've heard too, that's great, I've been holding off on Hacker for a bit to make sure I really need it, but I'm definitely convinced now

Coder100 (18207)

yeah because you get moved to a diff server that less people have

but if you want you could also try the bash language @MoonW