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Automatically Run Repls
Summit (33)


I understand that with this:
you still have to click the run button.

Is there any way to make it so that it will automatically run, similar to how worked?


Coder100 (18206)

Nope, what's wrong with clicking run?

Summit (33)

@Coder100 I wanna put it in a websiteeeeeeee

But it won't work in a webserver for some reason
Sooo i thought i would put it in a diff repl and then when the click a button on the frotnend website it would redirect to something like the deprecated replrun and run the repl :P

Summit (33)

And im scared that finding and clicking the run button is above their pay grade

Bookie0 (6297)

@Coder100 or the shortcut cmd-enter


Maybe try hosting it somewhere, or use some type of HTTP server.