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Autocomplete for python is not working
NotHemo (1)

I am testing out some code in replit and for some reason, the autocomplete is not working even though I have Code intelligence enabled.

Coder100 (17091)

Yes, sometimes the autocomplete is broken, due to the worker not connecting.

Or perhaps you made a typo, and it couldn't autocomplete?
Or perhaps its just slow and you need to wait up to 30 seconds?

Report to bugs:

Bookie0 (6014)

What code are you typing? Normally, if you type variable names (that are already defined), it should work, same for function names, list names, dicts, etc.

Sometimes, it just doesn't work for some reason even if code intelligence is turned on, idk why. You can try to reload the page, or close/re-open the page.

You can also try reporting to bugs :)

NotHemo (1)

When typing this after typing print "(a)" should have been autocompleted.