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Auto Format broken
djneils (43)

Auto-format is no longer working for me since the recent update - anyone else have the same problem?

JanderMoreira (3)

Still not working, at least for me.

djneils (43)

it's still broken - is it ever going to work - maybe just get rid of it if it's too much trouble - makes no sense to have a button that does nothing

Travelsbyfire (3)

Doesn't work on my Mac

GargiChiplunkar (2)

same problem is happening with me also..

minmaxdata (3)

What is the auto format button?!

djneils (43)

@minmaxdata little button at the top that prettyfies the code

qwertyqwerty223 (11)

It's SOOO annoying!!!!

espertus (1)

I encourage everyone to vote for this feature request to add auto-format to more languages:

CherrySaran (1)

doesn't come for turtle python

ideos (1)

The same for me, could someone from the team answer?

ncantor (1)

I'm still having issues with auto format. It seems to work alright with Java, but not with c++.

djneils (43)

any sign of a fix for this issue? I really miss the auto format button!

Zavexeon (1162)

It works sometimes for me.

Vandesm14 (2727)

It is happening to me too! It's so annoying!

halimahjaved (1)

ya me have same problem