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Attempting to play audio in a Repl causes an error
SixBeeps (5629)

I am following this thingy

When I try to play audio (in a Python repl), an error occurs:

This even happens in the example. Is this a bug?

Answered by emilyUsesPascal (65) [earned 5 cycles]
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emilyUsesPascal (65)

do you have explorer mode on?

SixBeeps (5629)

@Legendthecoder Repl Audio is no longer an Explorer feature, and has since been fully released. Do you have issues with the Repl Audio package?

Legendthecoder (0)

@SixBeeps Yes, so it works while I am in the editor thing but when I am on the page where people can fork and comment on it, it doesn't work

SixBeeps (5629)

@Legendthecoder Oh yeah that's a bug. I think it's already been reported, but I'll file a ticket anyways.