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AstrumDeorum (136)

Apparently this is a thing that people do, so I figured I may as well make one myself.

I'm the creator of Astrum's Cookie Clicker, Pokemon Battle Simulator 2, and Touhou Simulator, specifically in that order.
Ask Me Anything.

The meaning of life is 42, before you ask

FloCal35 (666)

Which name do/did you like better, Repl or Replit

AstrumDeorum (136)

@FloCal35 For the site: Replit
For an individual project: Repl

I guess I just prefer it since I've gotten used to it like that.

FloCal35 (666)

I prefer the old name because that’s what I knew it as but the new name sounds better @AstrumDeorum

Brendan23 (166)

@AstrumDeorum favorite coding language?(html counts as a language)

AstrumDeorum (136)

@Brendan23 Probably JavaScript.
I work primarily in HTML/CSS/JS and C#, but I'm a lot better at the former since I do all of my school coding in those, which has made me pretty experienced in them. There's a lot you can do with JavaScript, my biggest projects (ACC, PBS2, and 2huS) are done in JS

cjmatthy09 (52)

pineapple on pizza yes or no