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Are replit (technically google's) servers in Dearing, Kansas?
Baconman321 (1115)

I was doing some research for badminton and I used a browser emulator to work around network restrictions.

I probably should have remembered that it's a browser emulator and it will have a different location than my own (I can easily fix), but on google maps, it said that I was in Dearing, Kansas.

Is this where google (because replit uses google) hosts their servers? The location shows it is on a road near a lake or other body of water, but also servers are also probably capable of geo-spoofing their location. If the latter is true, then why Dearing, Kansas?

My coordinates and "address" according to the browser emulator.

The general location:

The specific location:

IMayBeMe (614)

Yeah from what I can tell they have multiple locations globally as there was a blog post on it a while back. I also looked at a google case study of replit but did not find anything on the datacenter locations.

Coder100 (19274)

Replit's servers use google cloud computing.

The servers are spread all around the world, but the ones replit rents are in the US. citation needed.

question is how does that affect you

  • do you live near that
  • do you
Baconman321 (1115)

@Coder100 Nope, neither does it for you, the closest one to you and I is Iowa (you are ~90mi closer tho)

Coder100 (19274)

@Baconman321 hmmm

so what is the significance of this discovery?

I believe I have found a server in sf

Baconman321 (1115)

@Coder100 IDK, why would the location be directing here? Spoof, or no...


They use GCP for hosting, and use load balancing across multiple datacentres across the US. Datacenter locations are usually kept private, but if you go into that google maps satellite and zoom in, you should see a google cloud datacenter

would be cool tho if they used their own infastructure :(

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Yeah, usually data centers are too expensive to own for just one company like this, but I would get why data centers are kept private, but I don't think these are kept private (unless my hunch is right and they data spoof... but google is too good for that). AWS data centers are kept private, I think... but google reveals theirs (or at least from what I can tell with a hasty google search).


@Baconman321 Dosent matter if they reveal it or not, anyone using the infastructure can get their IP address and look it up, but these data centeres have very high security

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Well, more or less use their IP to find the general area (but still it is quite accurate - within a couple miles of accuracy sometimes)...

Why wouldn't they have high security.

You said that these data centers are "usually kept private".

I doubt it, or at least... they don't reveal it because people don't generally need to know this info.

a5rocks (812)

Replit uses (or used GCP under the hood.

They might still use Heroku too, not sure.

Baconman321 (1115)

@a5rocks Yeah, I heard about both.

I think they use google for image storage and such...

Makes sense, but I wonder if they have their own personal servers/data centers...


@Baconman321 Nope, whatever data center you see should be a Google Cloud Datacenter

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Well, yeah.... replit too poor for their own personal data center, it costs millions or even hundreds of millions a year to run, and that's excluding the cost to build the center initially.

OldWizard209 (1702)

Replit is probably a CDN(Content Delivery Network), which is used to host sites on multiple locations in the world, so that if one server is down, the other is ready to back it up. This can be done by hosting sites on Cloudflare, etc.

Baconman321 (1115)

@OldWizard209 Yeah, probably.

Well, not just a CDN but yeah...

OldWizard209 (1702)

I mean like at least it is a CDN for sure, considering the comments that say they got different places. @Baconman321

Btw, we have the same number of cycles (+/-2) lol :P

Baconman321 (1115)

@OldWizard209 Uhh, no you have 100 more but whatever.

Just cuz it has different locations doesn't mean that it is a CDN, but I get what ur saying...

OldWizard209 (1702)

oh lol, i didn't see the one @Baconman321

robowolf (556)

I got Buffalo in Iowa yeah they most likely have multiple servers.

Baconman321 (1115)

@robowolf Why wouldn't they?

Makes sense...

SixBeeps (5627)

That might be where one of the data centers is, but remember Replit obtained multiple of those after going worldwide.

Baconman321 (1115)

@SixBeeps Yeah. Remote location + close to a body of water = great place for data center.

I tried to find a server farm near that area, tho.

Googling "server farm in dearing kansas" or "data center in dearing kansas" brought nothing.


@Baconman321 Of course, data centers just dont expose their location only for some crazy people to break in

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Why can I see it on the map then?

If your statement is true, then it isn't located in Dearing and is just a spoof... but if it isn't a spoof... then why would they reveal that? I mean, come on... google isn't that dumb...


@Baconman321 I meant they dont just put their location on, of course they know that anyone can spin up an instance and use their instance IP to do a lookup of the location, but that dosent matter if your paying them, and they have strongly guarded datacenters in the middle of nowhere

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Anything that costs lots of money and is used frequently is going to be heavily guarded... sure

Not necessarily "the middle of nowhere", but yeah I would agree... it's probably easier to build there because it's cheaper to obtain a land permit, but it is also by a body of water from what I see in the map, making it a lot easier to provide cooling (if they use water to cool it).

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers I found the location again, it looks like a bug exterminator company, def not a server farm... I bet they were spoofing or something... or I didn't get the location right when searching on satellite (I had to re-find it).


@Baconman321 You must have gotten it wrong, I was able to see my data center from steet view.

Baconman321 (1115)

@novaflippers Rlly? The pic I showed above?

this place? "Estate enighed" doesn't have a street view, and the place looks like it is a farm (ordinary "farm" not server farm).

Oh, and also:

None of google's data centers are in kansas. Sure, there could be "private" ones, but I still don't think that it's in this specific location that I showed.