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Are feedback post allowed?
LoveFromSkyy (137)

Im wondering if feedback posts after a share post is allowed on repl (or if it is illegal here)

SixBeeps (5321)

You mean like a post asking for feedback on a Repl? You'd be better off just merging the two (asking for feedback on the Share post) because otherwise you're just posting the same Repl twice, which could be considered spam.

LoveFromSkyy (137)

thing is, im working on a big project in C code, and it uses ALOT of lines, im at 700 somethin' but idk how to shorten it. I use the sam pattern with if statements and its really long, they are around 10 lines each, and every new line of text uses that pattern.
Got any Ideas?

Coder100 (18818)

It's looked down upon, just merge them together :)

LoveFromSkyy (137)

Also, this is my first post on this account, this is my alt.