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149 Desktop 😯


Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped that one. So if you are interested in a desktop app just upvote this (If we get 20 upvotes I will do it). And I will try to convince the creators (which are

) to let me code one and if you guys want to help! I am happy to collab with you!
Also, by the way, I am planning to use Electron!
Look at this post:
Join the support discord server:

3 years ago
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has nothing to do with not helping. Just putting out there this is terrible idea. This is going to result in a bad user experience. HTML/CSS is a comfort zone. Break out of it. It's going to be Adobe Photoshop slow to load, and bog down your machine on startup... no good is going to come from this. Slack Electron Desktop app uses a gig of ram to just run a basic chat session. I no longer use it. This reminds me of Windows 3.11 running on DOS. It was a bad idea then... this making the web browser the new operating system is a worse idea. Making web browser apps into desktop apps is a double bad idea. It might make it easier and have some serious pros for ease of entry, and other good advantages, but the sheer garbage performance from electron apps just screams bad idea. This is like when a bunch of artists decided to write a game in unity using a visual interface similar to blueprints in unreal and resulted in a game that crawled on modern gaming systems that could get respectable frame rates in much more intensive and complicated games. There is a time and place... but when it comes to development and productivity, find the most painless way you can for the developers not for you to code the tool.

3 years ago