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Anyone want to join my team?
DynamicSquid (4639)

Anyone want to join my team? It's called Nighthawk. I made a cool logo too:

We just share code and help each other out :)

CodeLongAndPros (1591)

Anyone want to join my team? It's called Nighthawk

For what?

DynamicSquid (4639)

@CodeLongAndPros oh, just to share code and give advice. nothing too special

CodeLongAndPros (1591)


Well, in that case...

Count me in

viraatvv (146)

@DynamicSquid hey, can I join. P.S. I don't know HTML, Css, js, C++, or bash

Bookie0 (5983)

sure why not? i dont mind sharing code, and the idea of helping people and being helped is great ;)

count me in! :D

OathOfCode (27)

I would like to join your team since nobody wants to join mine :(
But hey, a teams a team.

DynamicSquid (4639)

@OathOfCode lol i deleted it 3 months ago. It was more of just a test

OathOfCode (27)

@DynamicSquid oh XD
Wanna join mine?
nobodys in it looking for people

MocaCDeveloper (560)

I would like to be added..if you want :)

DynamicSquid (4639)

@targetfanttthat oh, since the teams feature is still really new, I thought it'd be cool to create one just as a "test" to see the new features. so this team isn't really that special (no one's even active lol) and I'm probably going to delete it soon. but once starts to add more features, then I'll probably create another team that focuses on something idk yet

MocaCDeveloper (560)

@DynamicSquid Alright well count me in if you want to!

theroadtocode (18)

Can I join your team? I'm working on a fun project.

LTI2 (116)

can i join? sounds neat!

EpicGamer007 (1614)

What are the requirements to join?

I am scared that because I do not have more than a 1000 cycles, I will get rejected if I ask...
9751 (27)

@AbhayBhat I wanna join too, and I have even less cycles than you!

DynamicSquid (4639)

@9751 both of you are in! cycles don't matter

EpicGamer007 (1614)

@DynamicSquid, Thanks a lot. I promise to help anyone with anything people need.

I created a C++ project already