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Anyone want to help me make a social media app?
Korbindev (133)

Does anyone want to help me make a social media app i bought a domain and everything. Im going to name it P0LT0Media. I appreciate all the help that comes my way im not the good at coding.

Hcarbikes (1)

Hey!! I have created this web page for a client Can I help you out in making your Social Media App. You can check my web page using the link below:

VulcanWM (2906)

I’ve made one before in Python, so I can help

AlexDaCoder (21)

Sure, but depends on what you wanna make and what language you wanna make it in.

AlexDaCoder (21)

@Korbindev sorry, I mean, coding lang

Korbindev (133)

oh i dont matter whatever is [email protected]

AlexDaCoder (21)

@Korbindev I'll say, for a social media app, nodejs with (for websockets) will be a good idea. I have to go now, but you can create a nodejs repl first.

AlexDaCoder (21)

@Korbindev turns out the repl is lagging and crashing a lot, so im making a new repl and sending it to you
if you didnt find it here's the link