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Anyone want a python collab?
xMysticalCoder (2)

I'm fairly new to python (I would say I'm a beginner-intermediate), and I'm looking for people to collab with.

AliCoder (10)

You can collab with me, I only know Python, and I'm also beginner-intermediate. What do you want to do?

AliCoder (10)

OK, I will make a multi-player repl.

AliCoder (10)

Can you come back? I was away from my computer for 10 minutes?

Carnage498 (58)

I can help @xMysticalCoder. To collab may be difficult for I have timings that I'm on, but I can give a website to help you here( ~ @Carnage498

VulcanWM (2890)

What do you want to work on?