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Anyone know some great resources to learn JavaScript with?
QuickV (72)

I wanted to make a game by myself, but it turns out I can barely do anything with my current knowledge of JavaScript...

Anyone know any great resources/tips to learn JavaScript?

JakeHu2020 (32)

I'm currently creating a very long javascript beginners tutorial.

cuber1515 (90)

There's a book called "coding with JavaScript for dummies" (don't take that as an insult), I'm currently reading it and it's great.

Coder100 (18818)

Why not make a tic tac toe game?

InvisibleOne (3186)

w3schools has some good stuff, codecademy has a free course on JavaScript that I did, it taught the basics and gave me a pretty good understanding of the syntax of the language.

QuickV (72)

kk... I'm currently using this tutorial by freeCodeCamp :P @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (3186)

That looks pretty good. Just make sure that you put those skills to use. You'll quickly forget stuff if you don't use it. Even if it's just making something small and stupid, practice is practice and the more you practice the better you'll get. @QuickV

QuickV (72)

I actually made a repl where I'm taking notes of stuff that guy is talking about, so I can refer to it if I forget something :) @InvisibleOne