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Anybody with a team want to help me code?
phantomSshell (4)

I have an idea for a program that I've wanted to make for some time now. Basically it's like a user platform where you can write and share stories and chat and participate in contests and things. I don't have enough skill or experience to do it by myself so if anybody has a team and wants to join, 50% of all profits will be paid for 18 months after it's launch.

phantomSshell (4)

@kitoki @7outofBLIP this project is currently on a hold. But if you want, you can friend me on discord and I'll let you know when i start it up again or have any other projects that i'll be hiring for. phantomSshell#8669

7outofBLIP (5)

I'm down if you want, first however, you need to specify some things. Most importantly, what language will we use? We can just use Javascript or we could use a shell to use say C++.

kitoki (2)

i want to join, despite i only recently learn programming

and you don't need pay me
SpaceFire (124)

sounds like a good idea but we would need more than two people.

phantomSshell (4)

@SpaceFire yeah and I have a few other people helping me. are you interested? we have a discord server you can check out with all our notes written down.

SpaceFire (124)

@phantomSshell Yes i am. What is the link?

phantomSshell (4)

@SpaceFire srry for the delay I don't check my notifs often. friend me first phantomSshell#6138

bearbearmo (201)

so would this be a website? or something more like discord? and how are you expecting it to make profits?

Aqtion (223)

wait this gains revenue?