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Anybody else having their .env file's content disappearing?
Zavexeon (1162)

I'm hiding the key to my Firestore database in a .env file, but everytime I reload the page or close and open it later, the contents of the file are gone. The .env file still exists, but it's totally empty.

Is anybody else struggling with this?


my .env is gone, might be related


@Zavexeon aLs0, tRY pOsTIng oN th3 bUGs [email protected]

AdCharity (1322)

I've also noticed... files aren't even displaying. Ik they're there because I can use fs to delete and manage them and even display them on front end, but the files on the sidebar don't even display.

AdCharity (1322)

Same. I'm not even on explorer mode either.

pyelias (2638)

probably related: i can see your .env file

Vandesm14 (2736)

Not currently but I'll check it out