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Any plans for a desktop app?
razzi (13)

As a longtime emacs user, I appreciate all that brings to the table, but in my experience, powerful keybinding customization, git integration, offline support, and hackability-to-the-core only comes with a desktop app. Do you have plans to make work for the desktop? Or are you able to do development solely in already?

For me right now, is fun for pulling up some language stack I use infrequently (i.e. Haskell) but if I were to use it for all development I'd want a dedicated app.

amasad (3354)

I'm an emacs user too 👊! But I started to use in addition to learning new languages and toying around, to build and deploy web-services.

Adding to what @hayaodeh said, we can approach supporting desktop in a few ways and we're still thinking about this:

  1. A cli that allows you to deploy to, or upload your project, etc.
  2. Make it so that you can mount a project on your filesystem and work on it as if it is local
  3. Finally, building Emacs/Vim/etc plugins.

I'll turn the question back to you: how do you envision using locally?

razzi (13)

@amasad What you've outlined sounds pretty stellar actually, namely the ability to sync local files via cli (which of course then could be integrated into any development environment).

I'll add on that it would be sweet to have a shell from my terminal - I'd like run something like repl shell from a project directory and have the language stack available to me, whether via sending code to or by having the cli spin up a local environment. I use a variety of commands like django-admin shell but it would be cool for to provide that for any language/framework so that I can get right to experimentation.

Other than that, a dedicated application would allow me to have fewer tabs open in my browser and work offline (although offline couldn't do the nice things it does like automatically adding packages)

hayaodeh (196)

we're thinking of building a desktop app the future, right now we are super focused on building tools in the webiste and I think many of the features that you mentioned can be done in website, team is very small and we try to be focused on our sprints and launching features. But a desktop app can definitely be done in the future once the team grows.