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Any one have any unblocker
shubhampaudel87 (1)

i have iboss on my school's chromebook i would like it if there were any on holy unblocker i am just asking not commanding.

ch1ck3n (1576)
you can use this proxy (but it won't unblock all of the sites, including youtube)

Coder100 (16850)

You can fork this one or use it directly.

It uses a vm so it doubles as a vpn

shubhampaudel87 (1)

it worked but then it glitched out and now i can't do anything @Coder100

BooleanBean (2)

PhoenixRising (1)

I'm very confused. On holy unblocker? What does that mean?

shubhampaudel87 (1)

on holy unblocker sorry if i did not clarify like a sister site @PhoenixRising